Enjoy the Natural Parks of Alcalà de Xivert

The Sierra de Irta is located north of Castellon, within the municipalities of Alcala de Xivert, Sta. Magdalena de Polpis and Peñiscola. It is a natural and scenic jewel because it is the only large coastal area that is free of buildings from France to Andalusia.

Sierra de Irta

It is formed by a mountain range that runs parallel to the coastline for 15 km where we can find cliffs, beaches and coves that constitute a spectacular coastal landscape.

Its maximum height is 572 m at the Campanilles peak, and its steep slopes descend gently towards the sea, where along 12 km of coastline, practically untouched, there are numerous cliffs and coves.

It is made up of Templar castles, Christian hermitages, remains of a Moorish town that has today disappeared, incredible cliffs that open up in front of the sea, sandy beaches, dune fields …

Visit the Columbretes islands

The origin of the Columbretes Islands located 48 km from the province of Castellón de la Plana, dates back a couple of million years approximately. Due to the great changes in the Earth’s crust that occurred during that time throughout the Mediterranean coast, more specifically throughout the coastline of the province of Castellón.

Columbretes islands

The Columbretes Islands are formed by a set of islets. The most important are: l´Illa Grosa (Columbrete Grande), la Ferrera (Perrera), la Foradada (Horada) and Carallot (Bergantín).


The name Columbretes, was given by the Romans when they realized the large number of snakes that lived there. They subsequently disappeared due to arson to destroy them.


Between 1856 and 1860 the true colonization of the Columbretes Islands took place, since the construction of the lighthouse was carried out to guide the boats that passed by at night.


The Columbretes Islands are a clear example of the great geological activity that the area has suffered for many years. If we look closely at the islands, we can clearly see the presence of a large number of craters or even remains of the chimney of an extinct volcano.