Enjoy the Gastronomy of Alcalà de Xivert

As is traditional on the Levantine coast: rice, paellas and seafood are the main ingredients of Levantine gastronomy.

Typical dishes

In this area it is not difficult to taste exquisite paellas of various types such as mixed (meat, normally chicken, and seafood), black rice or Valencian, as well as in all the autonomous community. But if an ingredient to be taken into account in this municipality is the “tomato of penjar”, a type of tomate only grown in Alcalá de Xivert and it surrounding areas.

At lunchtime, what can you ask for in the restaurants of Alcalá de Xivert with the certainty that it is a 100% traditional dish?

For a good lunch a great option is the “puchero amb pilota” or “puchero con bola”, a traditional stew that is served accompanied by meatballs.

If you prefer fish, one of the most traditional dishes is the “suguet”, an exquisite stew with sliced ​​fish and sometimes clams, that can be accompanied by potatoes.

Finally, another of the most typical dishes of the area is the baked rabbit or ‘’conill rostit’’.

And if all this was not enough, you can enjoy this magnificent experience outdoors, and with an extraordinary climate.