Enjoy the beaches of COSTA AZAHAR

Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, the coastline of the municipality of Alcalá de Xivert, known as the Costa Azahar for the province in which it is located, has more than 10 km of coastline. Along its coastline you can find both large and accessible beaches and hidden coves for more privacy.

Las Fuentes Beach

Playa de Las Fuentes is a 400-meter long beach of fine sand, north of the Puerto Deportivo las Fuentes in Alcossebre. Its name comes from the presence of fresh water springs on the seabed. Surrounded by the promenade, the beach is equipped with a multitude of services such as showers, lifeguards, walkways, children’s areas, etc.

This beach has the Blue Flag, and thanks to its shell shape it is classified as a safe and protected beach for bathing throughout the year.

Playa Cargador

Located in front of the main nucleus of Alcossebre. The Carregador beach or “Playa del Cargador” has 850 meters of fine sand, making it the widest. In addition to having a Blue Flag and the main services of a beach in an urban area, it is distinguished by three characteristics:

  • Parking area in front of the beach.
  • Sailing Club, rental service for pedal boats, umbrellas, hammocks and paddle surf.
  • Classified as Accessible Beach, since it has several access points for people with reduced mobility.

Peñíscola beach

It is a setting where a wide variety of films have been shot. The North beach, has an approximate length of 5 km., and is very close to the old town of Peñíscola. From it you can see the castle. This beach is equipped with a multitude of services such as showers, lifeguards, walkways, and adapted access.

Romana beach

There is a path that connects Playa Carregador with Playa Romana. This is to the south of a dune system of high ecological value and covers 500 meters in length.

Like those around it, Playa Romana also has the distinctive Blue Flag and the Accessible Beach seal. It offers the main quality services (lifeguard, showers, walkways, children’s parks, etc.), in addition to an area equipped for sports games, rental of pedal boats, umbrellas and hammocks.

Moro beach

Between two rocky ledges facing the sea is the small beach of El Moro in Alcossebre. Made up of a combination of sand and small rocks, this beach also has the Blue Flag and has lifeguards, showers and footbaths, walkways, toilets and litter bins.

Three Beaches

To the south of Playa del Moro are three small coves linked together. These are characterized by their tranquility, fishing, and their nudist acceptance. Also for having a bit coarser sand.

To access these beaches, it is recommended to take the car, since they are very close to the l’Atall road.

Manyetes beach

Manyetes Beach, commonly known as Tropicana, runs 400 meters along the coastline. Gradually as one approaches Cap i Corb, it becomes less urbanized. Cap i Corb is a small natural overhang at the mouth of the San Miguel River.

There are sandy areas and pebble areas, mostly the latter. It is a quiet beach, and has the main services such as lifeguard, toilets, showers, etc. It also offers hammock rental.

Serradal beach

Located south of Playa de Manyetes, Playa Serradal is one of those that best preserves its natural state. It has an interesting characteristic: it has a small semi-submerged delta in the southern limit of the beach with the mouth of the San Miguel river. Another of its natural characteristics is that of being a pebble beach.

It also has walkways, litter bins, bus stop and parking. And in the southern area a section of beach suitable for pets has been enabled.

Nudism is allowed. Nearby, an 18th century fortress, converted into a picturesque bar. Together with the Capicorb Tower and the Hermitage of San Antonio de Padua, they are the last milestones to consider before entering the town of Torreblanca.

North beach

In the city of Peñíscola there is the Playa del Norte that runs 5 km long. Despite its popularity in summer, it preserves clean waters and charming views of the Papa Luna castle.

It has the blue flag and the Accessible Beach seal. It also has parking (blue zone), rental of umbrellas and hammocks, bars and restaurants, and all main beach services.

Russo Beach and Pebret Beach

It is the first beach seen from the Badum Tower, one of the points of interest in the Natural Park. It is one of the few sandy beaches in the area, making it quite busy. Only unpaved parking is offered (with spaces reserved for the disabled.) It can be accessed from the coastal road of the Sierra de Irta.

Nextdoor is La Playa del Pebret, also of fine sand. It has the Pebret recreational area, recommended for a walk by the sea.

La Basseta Beach & Irta Beach

Is in the heart of the Natural Park. It is accessed by the coastal road of the Sierra de Irta, but thanks to its hidden location it enjoys natural beauty, tranquility and nature. La Basseta Beach is the one that follows, full of pebbles. It is well known as a nudist beach since it is fairly quiet and solitary. It is accessed by the same road which goes to Playa d`Irta.

Enjoy the beaches and coves of Alcalà de Xivert – Costa Azahar


Las Fuentes Marina

The port, like Las Fuentes beach, owes its name to the fresh water sources that flow from the sea. From here excursions to the Columbretes Islands Nature Reserve are organized. Located 45km from the port (2-3 hours approx. by boat), these are characterized by being islands of volcanic origin, and by their great natural diversity.

Puerto Deportivo Las Fuentes

The port also has a water-activities center, where in addition to diving you can take a boat trip through the Irta marine reserve. There are boat and jet ski rentals (no certification required). You can also find numerous restaurants and ice cream parlors around the port, among them “La Terraza del Náutico” with very good reviews.

It has 275 mooring points, 1.6 meters of draft and services such as water, electricity, crane and gas station.

Its VHF channel is 9.

Contact Puerto de Las Fuentes: (+34) 964 412 084.

Water activities

The Aquatic activities available on the beaches and the port of Alcalà de Xivert are very varied.

If you want you can practice sailing. You can also learn and practice diving guided at all times by teams of professional instructors, to safely enjoy a journey along the Mediterranean coast or even the depths of the Columbretes Islands natural park.

You can also enjoy different outdoor activities such as: paddle surf, kayaks, jet skis, flyboard, boat rental, etc.